28-year-old makes money online to become the richest guy in India

The Beginning of the Richest guy in India

Bangalore-born Dhule Bhaumik bought two homes, a Mercedes, and a Land Rover, and settled all of his debts in a month. But in the past, he was paid less than the minimum wage. So How did he manage to make so much money in just one month? 

Richest guy

How did the Richest guy in India start?

He says “I spent a year working for a pizza delivery business. I used to be a college student and worked occasionally in a restaurant. I did it to help with my research. I was on the verge of being expelled during my second year of studies because I couldn’t afford the tuition. I had to take out a loan at the time. I was eventually able to pay my tuition, but I lacked the funds to make the bank the regular monthly payments. Since I couldn’t handle working and studying at the same time, I was eventually kicked off campus a week before the end of the academic year. The darkest days of my life began at that point. I was powerless to assist them. I was not expecting that I am gonna be the richest guy in India.

How Much to Tip Pizza Delivery People? The Answer Is: It Depends

How did the Richest guy in India create his account?

” I was bringing a pizza to the final site one evening. A man flung open the door. He was with his friends, and I overheard them talking about where they would put the Rs. 2,000,000 they had just acquired ten minutes earlier as he was paying for the pizza. I only gave the laptop screen a quick check and noticed a sort of graph and numbers. Although the purchase was only Rs. 600, the man who opened the door paid me Rs. 1,000. I should preserve the change”

“I was completely taken aback, so when I arrived home, I took out my laptop and attempted to remember what they had discussed. After waiting for five minutes, I realized they had mentioned internet trading. The graphs and numbers I saw on the guy’s laptop were on the Olymp Trade website

The start of a bet for the richest guy in India

“I set up a demo account with fake money after reading all the broker’s information and viewing instructional videos. I instantly realized what I needed to do, and it was extremely simple. Then I reasoned, “I have nothing to lose,” so I deposited roughly $20, and Olymp Trade gave me an additional $20 as a welcome bonus, making a total of $40. I was awake all night since I hadn’t slept, and I discovered that I had made 30,654 rupees overnight” this is just the beginning of the story of the richest guy in India.

“I recalled that Olymp Trade offers new customers a 100% deposit bonus. I pondered whether opening a new account would allow me to double the initial sum. I opened a new account with Olymp Trade and transferred half of this sum thereafter transferring all of my profit to the card. And certainly, Olymp Trade quadrupled the amount of my welcome bonus! Do you want to hear the tip I discovered?” It’s simple, just register!

t Olymp Trade Account-richest guy

“I register a new account, make a deposit, get a 100% welcome bonus, and start trading. My aim is to trade and make money; I’ll go into more detail about my approach later. I take out the entire sum when I have amassed a certain amount, say 70,000 rupees, and I create a new account. I open a new account with Olymp Trade and deposit half of the withdrawn funds (35,000 rupees), after which I receive a 100% welcome bonus. I receive 70,000 rupees in total. I maintain 35,000 rupees on my credit card and 70,000 rupees on my Olymp Trade account in this way. That implies that I suddenly appeared to have 35,000 rupees! When I discovered this chance, my revenue swiftly grew.”

What is the up-down method?

Open an account with a broker first by clicking Register (you’ll need to enter your name, email address, phone number, password, and account currency, and check the box to confirm your agreement).

Here’s when it gets interesting! a plan for financial success!

Now that you have a broker account, you need a plan that will always be lucrative. It is advised to start with the “up-down” method because it is so easy to learn and apply.

First, choose a currency pair; in this case, EUR/USD is a good choice. Prepare for your first trade by setting a timer for one minute and a dollar amount. Start trading now. After opening the deal, you have one minute to predict whether the exchange rate will move up or down. You can start with any forecast using this method. It makes no difference whether you select UP or DOWN. Say you choose UP. No matter what decision you make, keep that in mind. In any case, the technique is completely effective. If the chart actually moves in the direction you predicted, you’ll receive $1.92 back in your account (instead of your original dollar!) The next trade is now up to you, but this time you should select the opposite value: DOWN (the amount and duration remain the same; they are $1 and 1 minute, respectively). Let’s assume that your trade fails and the chart moves in the opposite direction. This necessitates increasing the next trade to $3 and switching the chart’s direction once more (i.e., if your previous selection was DOWN, you must now select UP); You lose this transaction as well since the chart once again does not follow your expectations. There is no cause for concern because, with this method, you can never lose money. You need to increase the trade to $8 (don’t change the time of the trade) in order to recover your losses and turn a profit right away. then select DOWN (as we chose UP the last time). Great! You made the appropriate decision at that time and received $15.36 (you recovered from your losses and gained extra money!). Return to trading at $1 and re-enter the market. This time, you must select UP. It is known as the “up-down” approach for this reason, and be the Richest guy.

And this is the story of the richest guy in India.

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