How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face


Over the past few years, the Onlyfans platform has undoubtedly grown rapidly. That’s because they offer a service to their consumers that is simple but incredibly alluring: the chance to earn money through content creation.

Some content producers, however, do not want their loved ones to be aware that they are operating OnlyFans. Despite the fact that you may profit greatly from it.

However, it goes without saying that in order to produce such material, one must be somewhat detached from any potential humiliation that this kind of exposition might cause. Really, all you need to be able to do is project a “screw it” attitude and carry on.

However, in these situations, several things may be taken into consideration. There are bosses, coworkers, relatives, and friends. You would likely have to deal with all of these people’s “opinions” about your content if you revealed you’re identity on the platform. And that most likely wouldn’t be all that cool.

And for just that reason, we’ll go through some advice in this article on how to post content on Onlyfans anonymously, protecting your identity and sheltering yourself from any negative comments about what you’re doing.

7 Ways to Earn Cash on OnlyFans Without Putting Your Face Out There

1) Create new social media profiles without using your real identity.

To aid in the promotion of your material, you can open social media profiles (obviously using a “stage” name that you use for the Onlyfans account).

To make the process of gaining new followers on the platforms and enhancing the advertising, you can utilize, say, a few images in those specific accounts.

Create a second email to connect to these “staging” social media profiles if you want to be extra safe. Make sure you create a new account on these social networking platforms if you wish to, as their algorithms may suggest your new account to people you know to be entirely untraceable.


2) Think about wearing a mask or using clever camera angles.

You could use any kind of mask you like to help conceal your face, or you could just use camera angles that only show you from the neck down.


3) Cover up any birthmarks, scars, or tattoos you may have.

Consider choices like covering birthmarks, scars, or tattoos if your goal is to be extra safe in the anonymous saga.

This kind of behavior can readily reveal you’re identity, particularly if the person watching already knows you.


4) Don’t take your friends to any locations they might be familiar with.

You should definitely steer clear of any sort of in-depth discussion regarding the area where you reside. Don’t show any other rooms of the house and keep the angles on the room you are filming in as close as you can (only show the vital items, if you know what I mean).


5) Make up for the lack of face time with positive interaction

The viewers may occasionally feel a certain distance from a person who creates material without revealing their face. It can make the entire subscription experience seem colder and more impersonal.

Some people could be interested in that, but others shouldn’t bother. It might be prudent to maintain a cordial and open dialogue with your audience on OF, though.

You can achieve this by responding to DMs, taking requests, and generally being receptive to your audience. Recognize that individuals enjoy being noticed in some way and that maintaining at least a little degree of attention will encourage them to return for more of your content.

Everyone is delighted because your audience appreciates you and you appreciate them.


6) To ban your home’s IP address or even your entire region, use OnlyFans’ geoblocking option.

You could also use Geo-Blocking technology to either ban specific users based on their IP address or location or to mask your IP address (or region) from other users. On OF, you may easily block users by their usernames.

As soon as you access the OF platform, you can use the Geo-Blocking tool. Simply navigate to Settings > Security to complete the process. You can enter the areas or IP addresses you want to prevent from accessing your material there.

You shouldn’t be afraid to block any users you later perceive as a threat to your safety or the protection of your anonymity because some people’s “dedication” to OF could easily evolve into some form of harassment.


7) Think about employing a voice changer

In fact, if you want to be very obvious, try changing your voice using audio editing software or refraining from speaking in any of the video or audio footage. You never know if someone is listening to it who might recognize your voice, after all. This may be going a little too far, but if you’re that concerned, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Is It Possible to Succeed on OnlyFans Without Putting Your Face Forward?

It is not at all necessary to display your face in order to draw viewers to your work, but it will undoubtedly be more challenging.

Everything is conceivable as long as you can draw an audience, as there are many persons who just sell images of specific body parts.

For OnlyFans, is it Possible to Use a False Name?

Indeed, you can. You will need to supply authentic documents and information when giving Onlyfans information to create an account. You may, however, select any names or aliases of your choosing while creating your profile.

Obviously, you should use a “stage” name if your goal is to remain anonymous on the platform. Avoid using anything that is similar to your real name; instead, let your imagination go wild and make sure to pick something completely unrelated to your true identity or name.

Can You Completely Maintain Your Anonymity on OnlyFans?

Following the advice we mentioned, such as not including any personally identifiable information in your material (such as your profession or place of study, location, or even your interests; you never know), should keep you secure.

How Can You Promote OnlyFans While Your Family Is Secretly Unaware?

There are several methods for doing that:

You can buy some promotion packages on the platform itself to advertise your content inside the Onlyfans platform or on Reddit. The content will be advertised on additional social media networks as well, but as these promotions are solely connected to your OF account (which should be using “stage” information), you shouldn’t worry.

Collaborate with well-known influencers in OF: Influencers may help make a variety of things more popular, and your material shouldn’t be any different. That is, of course, if they are prepared to advertise it. Usually, you assist them in some way, and they reciprocate by aiding you.


Do Banks Only Consider Fans?

The fact that your money is coming from OF will not force banks to withhold it or do anything else. No such issue has been reported by users. You can remain calm about that.

Does the bank statement include OnlyFans?

Well, they do that. Yes, and regrettably there is no way to avoid that (at least, so far). Bank statements typically list transactions done through the OF platform as “Onlyfans” or “OF” or another type of acronym. Additionally, as you may already be aware, nothing can be taken out of your bank statements.

Therefore, if your bank account is shared with another person or is simply frequently reviewed by a third party who would be uncomfortable with you producing content for Onlyfans, then… You would, however, be faced with a challenge. The good news is that it can be solved.

Do I Need to Open a Special Bank Account for OnlyFans?

Well, if someone were to investigate your bank transactions and disapprove of the idea that you were contributing stuff to OF, then undoubtedly yes.

You can get some privacy and safely manage and spend the money you manage to earn on the platform by creating a new account.

Simply look for a bank that can meet your demands (ideally one that is distinct from the one you currently use) and create an account there to get all of your OF payments from them.


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